Alarms bells

A senior individual, heard recently on BBC Radio 4 (discussing government help for young people in finding employment and affordable housing):

“Look, just forget the young people, will you? It’s the older folk who are really struggling. They need the help!”

And a more junior individual, on their Facebook acount just after the Brexit vote:

“What an embarrassing day to be British. No surprise, it’s the 65+ vote that screwed us over.”

These are typical of comments I seem to be hearing more and more frequently these days.

Hope I’m mistaken.

Hope it’s nothing new. Hope it’s been there all along, and I’ve just woken up.

But if younger and older generations are now really resentng each other’s very existence . . . . .

. . . in a time when governments’ resources and ability to help anyone is shrinking . . . .

We’re just a step away from social trouble. Big time.


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