Real men . . . . .

I saw a photo of a T-shirt on Facebook recently that impressed me. It went something like “Real men don’t hit women”.
Good one. But it needs to go further than that.
A real man:
  • Thinks the world of his wife. Tells her so. Tells the world so.
  • (Contrary to popular opinion) Occasionally forgets an important birthday. But not out of apathy. Just because he’s swamped with work (at home and office), running kids to dance classes, etc, and his brain is fried. And when he forget an important birthday, he’s quick to make amends.
  • Tells his wife to put herself forward, and go for that promotion.
  • Believes in equal pay for equal work.
  • Runs a taxi service, cheerfully, and without complaining. (Not too often, anyway).
  • Will take his wife to a party or a dance. And has a good time. Or pretends to. (Even though it’s torture.)
  • Will come home from work and, rather than falls asleep on the sofa, will listen to his wife and kids prattle about their day. And even respond and question.
  • Heck, he might even (once in a while) talk about his day.
  • And (now this is self-sacrifice on a super-human scale) he will even make friendly small talk at social events. (But don’t ask him to do it two days in a row, that’s abusing the privilege.)
  • Will tell his wife which top looks better, and not be bothered when she dons the other one.
  • Will apologise when he’s wrong. And forgive. And move on. Quickly.
  • Will be the humble, solid foundation on which his wife and children can grow and bloom, without begrudging.
  • Will be a man, my friend.

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