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To live or die? Hmmmm.

Do you want to live or die?

Think carefully before you answer.

Don’t be silly. Of course I want to live.


Do you want to live in the real world? Or the one you think is real?

The two are rarely the same. (Though there might be a good measure of commonality.)

I just got off the phone with a recruiter. He wanted me to work full-time for a client of his, who was a long drive away. (I didn’t. I might if I was desperate, but I’m not.) Continue reading

No easy answers

Very interesting post from Tim Ferriss. He’s up in arms over the Washington DC local council‘s decision to protect the local (and purportedly corrupt) taxi services from upstart startup (pun intended) competition. And he’s calling for people to hound the council politicians, until the decision is overturned.

The idea being: Competition is always healthy, and any initiative that stifles it in the name of protecting fat-cat monopolies is inherently evil.

Not being American, I won’t be taking the action Tim Ferris requests. I do think he is right to feel angry. Whenever the powerful few collude to protect their privileged position at the expense of the hungry many, we are right to feel angry.

Look for this kind of story to occur more frequently over the coming years.

As the revenues of governments and many traditional business flatline (or decline), the temptation will be strong for them to collaborate, legally or otherwise, against anyone threatening further erosion of those revenues. Continue reading

The New Customers are after more than your money

Who’s the customer in any transaction?

Early on in life, I somehow got the impression that the customer must always be the one holding the money.

That’s was true in a world that was short on cash and opportunities, but long on time and attention span.

But in so much of the world now, the reverse is true. (That’s not to say that we all have plenty of cash, and no time. But we generally have plenty of options for acquiring more cash quickly with the time they have available.)

Continue reading

Are we really getting this desperate?

Something scary is happening in the UK.

I can only hope it’s not happening in the whole developed world.

Last night I heard Harriet Harmon declare on national news that while Sir Fred Goodwin’s (that’s the recently departed chairman of RBS, for the uninitiated) £693k per year pension might be protected in a court of law, it’s not protected “in the court of public opinion, and therefore the government must act.”

In other words, even though it’s legal, the people of the land don’t think he should get his pension when they, the hard-up taxpayers are going to be paying off a back-breaking national debt for at least a generation. Therefore he should be stripped of his money. The government apparently agrees, and is going to explore all possible avenues for seizing his pension.

If Sir Fred . . . oh let’s just call him Fred, if public opinion is going to strip him of his cash, it might as well strip him of him knighthood as well. If Fred had any shred of decency, he would voluntarily give back most of his pension to the public coffers. (Nope. That’s not the sound of me holding my breath.) Continue reading