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Pick your fear. Make it a Smaug.

I’ve just come up with a cool business idea.

The Fear Store.

Buy your fears here. Learn how to be scared in new and more interesting ways. Then buy some fears to give to your loved ones for Christmas.

Think it’ll work?

Sigh. Well, it was fun dreaming.

Most of us don’t have a shortage of fear. It’s not a highly priced commodity. We won’t pay to get some when we run out, because, incredibly, it seems to reproduce itself with amazing consistency.

Every. Blasted. Day.

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Today, I am (insert positive feature)

In the middle of the night, I woke up thinking (as you do), Aaahh, when I finally get that business successful and have made my fortune, I’ll be the articulate, self-confident I’ve always wanted to be.

Almost immediately, an authoritative, almost smirking voice in the back of my head said, Are you sure?

I did not grow up as a supremely self-confident, high-energy individual.

On the contrary. I was a shy, geeky, bespectacled, rake-thin teenager, with terrible self-esteem. (I would learn much later that my parents similarly had terrible self-esteem, so they couldn’t exactly correct my thinking.) Continue reading