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My forecast for your life: Bad stuff. Do you want the details?

I have a brother who has a thankless job.

He’s a severe weather warning meteorologist, covering southern Ontario in Canada.

Whenever there is severe weather, be it expected or unexpected, I can find him in the news. He’ll get interviewed and quoted by journalists (most recently, at time of writing, here).

Tornadoes, lightning strikes, blizzards, hurricanes . . . . . for all of them, he’s the face of Environment Canada’s weather forecasting service.

Get the forecast right, and he doesn’t get thanked, he’s just doing his job. Get it wrong . . . . . and he gets it in the neck.

What peeves me about this most recent blizzard event in New England is not that the forecasters got it wrong. They didn’t. They predicted a blizzard, and there was one. It just wasn’t as severe (in New York City, at least) as their mathematical models and scientific judgement predicted.

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Five Suggestions for Happiness!

I got to musing this week about the Five Rules for Happiness that I posted a while ago. It occurred to me that, while admirable, they are very general platitudes, and therefore easy to argue away.

So I thought I’d make them a little more specific, to make it easier to identify when I have (or haven’t) applied them.

An appropriate thing to do on the eve of a New Year.

1. Seek to develop a relationship with someone you would ordinarily avoid. What kind or person makes you uncomfortable or fidgety? For no rational reason? This year, identify someone with those characteristics, and go out of your way to find out how they think, what makes them tick, why they do what they do. You will surely gain an education, and possibly even a new friend.

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want. Thank Goodness.

I’ve just had a really good holiday.

We took a fast catamaran from Poole harbour on the south coast (of England) to the channel island of Guernsey.

The catamaran alone was fun. Just looking at it is enough to make your inner geek drool. Rated for 40 knots, she looks built for speed. But she can take on (and here I’m guessing) a hundred vehicles, plus occupants and foot passengers as well. The cabins (on two decks) resemble an airliner cabin, just without seat belts. Ride control system, albeit which still allows a bit of rolling in transit. And you can meander on the outside decks as well. Got some great shots of Brownsea Island, the big-money chalets of Sandbanks (which I’m told is the most expensive real estate in the UK, and the third most expensive on the planet), and the Setting Sun. Mega win.

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