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Wall builder or destroyer? Choose.

We were there in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down. Now the walls are going back up. – Bono, talking to the BBC in December 2016

Greetings, mesdames et messieurs.

I hope this toasty January finds you in scintillatingly cheerful humour.

That line by Bono has stuck in my craw ever since U2 did that gig with the BBC Symphony Orchestra in December.


They are everywhere.

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The joy of uncomfortable conversations

I made a cool discovery this year.

Or more accurately, made a cool re-discovery.

Success is a function of your willingness to have uncomfortable conversations.

Last week, I quit my contract job. Without another one to go to.

I had been working flat out for a year, with only a couple of short breaks. My mental health was suffering. I wasn’t enjoying the work at all. My weekends were spent recovering from the week, just in time to go back in for more punishment Monday morning.

A confluence of unexpected family circumstances meant that, if I quit before the end of the contract, I’d be able to recharge, do some much-needed DIY around the house, and enjoy a holiday with my youngest daughter before she shoots off to start university.

And I’d be able to rethink what I do, and why I do it. I’d have some time to write posts like this one.

I had to bid farewell to colleagues I’d been working with for a year. One or two of them, I’d grown quite fond of.

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Ah, there you are, Mr Bond. You have my parachute?

Ever since the Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies, the British media has forced the nation to engage in the usual paranoid soul-searching and self-doubt to which the British are addicted. We’ll never be able to match that. We do not have that kind of resources. What are we going to do?

So watching the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics was as educational as it was entertaining. The lessons to take away are almost obvious:

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Creativity without service = Zero

The flavour of the moment seems to be creativity.

Everywhere I look, people are finding new ways to be creative.

And we’re celebrating and promoting this surge of creativity (quite rightly). Seth Godin’s Linchpin and Poke the Box, Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art . . . . . . there are probably plenty of other books all championing art and urging us to be ever more creative.

It is overdue, of course. It resonates with me. I feel that somewhere in my youth, I allowed creativity to be squashed out of me. I remember drawing copiously in my formative years. By my teens, I’d stopped, for some reason.

A few decades on, now, I am experimenting with new musical and business ideas, which a decade ago I would not have had the courage to do.

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