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The joy of uncomfortable conversations

I made a cool discovery this year.

Or more accurately, made a cool re-discovery.

Success is a function of your willingness to have uncomfortable conversations.

Last week, I quit my contract job. Without another one to go to.

I had been working flat out for a year, with only a couple of short breaks. My mental health was suffering. I wasn’t enjoying the work at all. My weekends were spent recovering from the week, just in time to go back in for more punishment Monday morning.

A confluence of unexpected family circumstances meant that, if I quit before the end of the contract, I’d be able to recharge, do some much-needed DIY around the house, and enjoy a holiday with my youngest daughter before she shoots off to start university.

And I’d be able to rethink what I do, and why I do it. I’d have some time to write posts like this one.

I had to bid farewell to colleagues I’d been working with for a year. One or two of them, I’d grown quite fond of.

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Look out for #2. And #3, and #4, and . . . . .

Interesting post in Business Insider today by one Michael Lewis. He argues that successful people really need to acknowledge that they owe their success to one thing: luck.

I don’t completely agree. I think successful people are owed some credit for grabbing those unforeseen lucky opportunities that come their way, and capitalising on them. Most people don’t, looking this way and that for the hidden camera, asking themselves what’s the catch, and eventually walking away.

He’s bang on, though, in declaring the emperor’s real state of (un)dress: Without those lucky opportunities, successful people would be screwed just like the rest of us. They have been blessed by a Higher Power, and not because of any merit on their part.

He ends by encouraging the lucky to show some gratitude to the unlucky.

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One thing at a time. And only one.

An old friend asked on Facebook a few months ago:

“What’s your recipe for success?”

And in one of those rare moment when you have a flash of brilliant insight, and you manage to snare it before it flutters away, I posted back:

  1. Dream Really, Really Big
  2. Start
  3. Finish

I dumped it on the page very quickly, without giving myself any chance to pause and regret my actions. And as I stared back, I realised the truthful simplicity of it.

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