This is your captain speaking. We can expect some turbulence soon, folks . . . .

Baby-boomers retiring at 65.

Or 60, if they possibly can.

Wanting to live to 95 in the same manner to which they have become accustomed.

On full pension, with plenty of health care.

With lots of “young” people taking care of them.

The generation that inconvenienced their seniors, and brought about so much change.

Now seeking to avoid inconvenience and suppress change.

A declining birth-rate.

(Except among immigrants. They’re having lots of kids. So in 20 years, “they” will be the new “us”.)

The younger generation racking up huge debts in university.

And only a low-paying job at the end of it.

(Taking care of old baby-boomers, maybe? Yuck, no way.)

Infrastructure unable to find enough skilled youngsters to replace the retiring baby-boomers.

Correction: Just barely able to find them. Certainly not able to attract them.


Likely outcome?


Lots of it, folks.

2 thoughts on “This is your captain speaking. We can expect some turbulence soon, folks . . . .

  1. nilson witkoski

    One thing that I consider very wrong in UK is that the vast majority of the adults population chose NOT to look after their elderly parents; elder people live alone or in retirement villages in UK.
    In Brazil, the kids will care for their parents until they pass away (the absolute majority with a few exceptions).
    I believe that the Brazilian way shows more consideration, love and compassion for the parents.
    It is a Christian thing to care for your parents when then are old.
    Take good care of your parents that raised you since your were a newborn.
    And your kids will see your example and give you the same respect and love.
    God bless you.

    1. David Kimbell

      It’s not just the in UK. I think it’s endemic to all historically Anglo-Saxon countries. I do not know why.
      However, that’s not really the point of my post.
      My point is that demographic and social changes are conspiring to create a perfect storm, in which a lot of people’s expectations will not be met. No solution will be adequate.
      Those nations (assuming the nation-state continues to exist) in which people think “Me, me, me” are destined for turbulence, e.g. civil unrest, maybe even public revolution à la Arab Spring.
      Nations that manage to think “We, we, we”, being flexible and selfless, will pull through with a minimum of strife.


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