What is the essence of Wisdom?

If you had to boil all the ancient bodies of wisdom literature down to its most basic fundamental idea . . . . . . what is that idea?

You may have heard the account the old Cherokee chief (or whoever it was) gave his grandson about the two wolves, one foolish and one wise, battling inside him, and one he feeds is the one that wins.

This story comes very close to the mark, and is defective in only one small (but critical) measure:

Which wolf wins if you feed neither? Or both?


The foolish wolf.

You’ve got to feed the wise wolf. And starve the foolish one.

Every day.

One thought on “What is the essence of Wisdom?

  1. Neil Stamp

    Totally agree. It’s not enough to do good, we must do no evil either…….Hitler brought motorways, virtually full employment, national health care and low inflation to Germany in the 30s, he brought war, racism, and the holocaust to the world.

    Other wise words….lldont eat yellow snow!


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